Thanksgiving 2017 Campus Dining Hours


We're Thankful for You!

It's almost time to feast! Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner, and we are all looking forward to time with family and friends. So whether you’re eating Turkey, Tofurky, or TurDuckEn,  sweet potatoes or yams, stuffing or dressing, WVU Dining wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for you and the opportunity to serve you! Finish well, go home and eat, and we’ll see you when you get back for finals.

Friday, November 17: 
  • Boreman Bistro                                                           Closing Early at 4pm 
  • Cafe Evansdale                                                          Closing Early at 4pm 
  • Summit Cafe                                                               Closing Early at 4pm 
  • Terrace Room                                                             Closing Early at 2pm
  • Brew 'n Gold Cafe, Park Place                                             Closing Early at 6 pm 
  • Summit Grab 'n G o                                                           Closing Early at 2 pm 
  • Cavanaugh's, Greenhouse Cafe, da Vinci's                          Closing Early at 2pm 
    • Chick Fil A, Burger King, Which Wich                               Closing Early at 2pm
    • Sbarro                                                                         Closing Early at 4pm
    • Evansdale Crossing                                                    Closing Early at 4pm
    • All other operations closing at normal hours
    Saturday November 18th 
    • Park Place                                                                   10am - 7pm
    Sunday November 19th
    • All locations closed
    Monday & Tuesday, November 20-21
    • Chick Fil A                                                                    8am - 4pm
    • All other operations closed

    Wednesday through Saturday, November 22-25
    All operations closed

    Sunday, November 26th
    • Boreman Bistro                                                            3:30-7pm
    • Cafe Evansdale                                                           3:30-7:30pm
    • Summit Cafe                                                                3:30-6:30pm
    • Burger King, Sbarro, Which Wich                                 Opening at 2pm
    • Lyon's Den                                                                   Normal Hours
    • All other operations closed
    All operations will resume normal semester hours on Monday, November 27th. 
    Happy Thanksgiving! 
    WVU Dining