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The Dietitian Dish

A monthly blog written by WVU’s Dietitian, Sina King. Expect a new issue the third week of every month.

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Dietitian Dish: Gut Health (November 2021)

There is currently a large amount of research being dedicated to exploring the relationship between the way food is broken down for energy in the gastrointestinal tract and how the brain is then able to utilize this energy for essential mental functions. It is becoming clear that this relationship, commonly known as “the gut-brain axis”, is much more complex than previously thought.

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Dietitian Dish: Body Neutrality (October 2021)

Because many of you are recovering from midterms in recent weeks, I decided to pump the breaks on our, at times, science-heavy blog posts and give you some history mixed in with a little activism and perceptions related to body image (pretty light stuff, right?).

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Meet the Author

Sina King, who originally hails from Waterford, Ohio, received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics and master’s degree in exercise physiology from The University of Akron, where she also played basketball for four years. She then came to WVU where she earned her second master’s degree in animal and nutritional sciences.

She brings her expertise to the WVU community, making herself available to all students who are looking for help or advice on anything from medical nutrition therapy, allergy guidance, or just working through the adjustment to college and what that means for their eating habits.

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