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Café Evansdale to host International Fare dinner on April 21

Diners can sample foods from around the world Wednesday, April 21, when Café Evansdale hosts an International Fare dinner from 4:30-8 p.m.

Several countries’ popular dishes will be featured throughout the dining hall, including Chicken Kiev from Russia, Carne Asada from Mexico, Neapolitan Margherita Pizza from Italy, Gozinaki from Georgie and Bublanina from Czechoslovakia.

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International Fare Menu

Main Line

Russia: Chicken Kiev

Succulent chicken wrapped around a delectable garlic butter interior then dredged in bread crumbs and baked

Hungary: Goulash

A hearty stew with chunks of beef and savory root vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices

Eastern Europe: Egg Noodles

Thick, wavy egg noodles tossed in butter

United Kingdom: Braised Carrots

Whole, baby carrots braised until tender

Mexico: Carne Asada

Grilled, thinly sliced beef marinated and seasoned with chili powder and cumin

Mexico: Spanish Rice

Long-grain riced simmered in broth and tomato sauce

Mexico: Fajita Vegetables

Fresh, sautéed vegetables tossed in chili powder and cumin for added spice

Mexico: Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Black beans and fresh corn kernels tossed with onion and lime juice


Italy: Neapolitan Margherita Pizza

Succulent chicken wrapped around a delectable garlic butter interior then dredged in bread crumbs and baked


Eastern Europe: Pierogies

Sour cream, green onions, bacon, caramelized onions, shredded cheddar cheese

Eastern Europe: Kielbasa

Cured kielbasa grilled until plump

Eastern Europe: Spaetzle

Egg-based pasta pieces tossed in butter


Asia: Spring Rolls

Vegetable stuffed wonton wrappers fried to a crispy brown

Asia: Shrimp Fried Rice

Fried rice tossed with butter, sesame oil and vegetables and mixed with baby shrimp

Asia: Chicken Teriyaki

Juicy pieces of chicken tossed in a sweet teriyaki sauce and mixed with stir-fried vegetables


Georgia: Gozinaki

Caramelized nuts and sweet honey confection

Czechoslovakia: Bublanina

Golden bubble cake filled with fresh fruit