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Healthy eating hacks for students dining on campus

Finding the right nutrition plan for yourself in college can be difficult. At WVU Dining Services, in light of March being National Nutrition Month, we wanted to highlight some healthy eating hacks for students dining on campus.

  1. Need a place to meet your vegetarian needs? WVU dining halls offer Mindful food stations, consisting of only vegetarian dishes. Food options vary each, but you can always count on this station to fulfill your vegetarian cravings.
    Healthy food options at the Mindful station at dining halls
    Mindful station at residential dining halls
  2. If you're craving a tasty drink and don't want to have just water, limit yourself to a cup of juice and/or a cup of milk each day. Too much dairy can be bad for your prostate, according to WVU Dietitian Sina King, and most juices contain the same amount of sugar as a soda.
    Student getting a cup of juice from the drink dispenser at a dining hall
    Juice dispenser at residential dining halls
  3. In the mood for a burger but trying to stay away from meat? Hugh Baby's at Evansdale Crossing offers a vegetarian burger for those who still want to fulfill their vegetarian needs, but need a little change up.
    Student enjoying a vegetarian burger from Hugh Baby's at Evansdale Crossing
    Vegetarian burger from Hugh Baby's at Evansdale Crossing
  4. Not in the mood to go to a dining location and just want to cook a healthy meal at home? Easy - you can stop by The Market at UPlace and pick from their assorted "Beyond Meat" options. These choices are completely vegan and are sure to satisfy your hunger, all while eating in the comfort of your own home.
    Student browsing beyond meat options in the grocery section at the Market @ UPlace
    Meatless options available in the grocery portion of the Market @ UPlace
  5. Potatoes in fry form don't count as a healthier alternative! When ordering at Chick-Fil-A, ask your server if you can replace the fries on the side of your meal with a side salad or a fresh fruit cup.
    Student enjoying cup of fresh fruit from Chick-fil-A at the Mountainlair
    Side salad and a cup of fresh fruit from Chick-fil-A in the Mountainlair
  6. Tired of ordering the same old sandwich on white bread? Which Wich has the option to make your meal with a vegan wrap, a healthier choice than all the carbs that are consistent with the bread options.
    Student eats a wrap from Which Wich in the Mountainlair
    A vegan wrap from Which Wich in the Mountainlair
Story by Harrison Dover
Special thanks to Drew Dale