Which Wich Arriving in Lair April 2017


West Virginia University Dining Services is excited to announce that quick-service restaurant favorite Which Wich® Superior Sandwiches will be coming to the Mountainlair, with plans to open in April of 2017.

“We researched a lot of options to decide what restaurant would be best for the Mountainlair,” shares David Friend, Director of Dining Services. “The Which Wich partnership adds a wide-variety of choices, including healthier selections and vegetarian alternatives, and features a unique and fast ordering system.”

Which Wich is a Dallas based franchise that began in 2003 and has more than 380 locations worldwide. The company is committed to creating the best sandwiches available. The location will offer more than 50 varieties of customizable “wiches”, from the signature Wicked®, loaded with five meats (turkey, ham, roast beef, pepperoni and bacon) and three cheeses, to unique items such as Thank You Turkey®, with stuffing and cranberry sauce. The Which Wich menu also includes plenty of vegetarian options and several healthy “wiches” for less than 400 calories each. Even the extras are held to high standards: signature house chips, hand-dipped shakes and just out of the oven cookies are as superior as the sandwiches.

One of Which Wich’s signature features is its paper bag ordering system. Instead of communicating orders verbally, customers mark their requested sandwich on a paper bag. The staff create the customer’s sandwich with all the requested ingredients and features, using the marked bag as a guide. Completed sandwiches are returned to the customer in the bag they originally marked. This ensures that custom orders are clearly communicated and quickly fulfilled, keeping the wait time to a minimum.

“Students have been communicating for some time that they wanted a healthier option in the Mountainlair,” explains Director Friend. “Providing additional healthy selections and a vegetarian friendly menu was one of the reasons we chose Which Wich. It’s a great restaurant concept for students seeking healthier cuisines at a quick-service pace.” The franchise won the Menu Masters Award for Heathful Innovations in 2015.

With design work completed, WVU Dining expects the new Which Wich to open in April 2017. Which Wich will be accepting dining plans for dinner hours as well as dining dollars, Mountie Bounty, credit cards and cash throughout the lunch and dinner meal periods.