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Reusable Dining To-Go Box Program

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To promote a more sustainable future for all Mountaineers, West Virginia University is working to reduce single-use plastics on many areas of campus. As part of these efforts, WVU Dining Services has partnered with the Office of Sustainability on a Reusable Dining To-Go Box Program for all WVU dining halls.

Instead of using the standard single-use boxes, students and employees with a WVU dining plan can receive a sectioned, microwave-friendly polypropylene box for to-go meals from dining halls. After each use, students can return their dirty to-go box to a dining hall, place it on the dish return conveyor to be washed for later use and receive a clean to-go box for their meal.

Here's How it Works.

  1. If you would like to take your food to-go, stop by the Reusable To-Go Box station after entering the dining hall.
  2. Tap your WVU ID card on the card reader at the station to check in, then pick up a to-go box. By checking in, you are helping us keep track of inventory to ensure we have enough clean boxes available at all times.
  3. Fill up your box.
  4. Upon your next dining hall visit, make sure any remaining food scraps are disposed into a landfill bin and return your box to the dish room conveyor.

    Note: If you are taking a meal to go during your next visit, return your used box to the dish room conveyor before tapping your ID card and picking up a clean one.