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Reusable Dining To-Go Box Program

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In response to feedback from our campus community and to promote a more sustainable future for all Mountaineers, West Virginia University is working to reduce single-use plastics on many areas of campus. As part of these efforts, WVU Dining Services has partnered with the Office of Sustainability on a new reusable dining to-go box program for WVU dining halls.

Instead of using the standard single-use boxes, students and employees with a WVU dining plan can sign up to receive a sectioned, microwave-friendly polypropylene box for to-go meals from dining halls. After each use, students can return their dirty to-go box to a dining hall, place it on the dish return conveyor to be washed for later use and receive a clean to-go box for their meal.

Note: If students return their used to-go box and choose to eat their meal at a dining hall, they will be asked to use the regular service ware and will be given a carabiner to serve as a voucher in exchange for a clean box for their next to-go meal.

Get Started.

  1. During your first visit to a dining hall, speak with the cashier to either let them know you pre-enrolled in the reusable to-go box program by completing the online form or would like to enroll on the spot. The online form closed on Aug. 10.
  2. The cashier will check you into the program, and you will either be provided with a reusable box if you’re taking your food to-go, or a WVU Dining Services carabiner if you are eating in the dining hall. This will be noted in our system to help us keep an inventory of items in use.
  3. If you are taking your food to-go, fill your box and then exit the dining hall. You will be given a clean box each time you visit a dining hall and take your food to-go. If you are eating in the dining hall, you will be given a carabiner to serve as a voucher in exchange for a clean box for your next to-go meal.
  4. If you took your meal to-go, dump any remaining food scraps into a landfill bin after you’re done eating.
  5. Upon your next dining hall visit, return your box to the dish room conveyor and either request another box or a carabiner.

If you misplace or break your initial free to-go box, you can purchase a replacement for $6 (including tax).