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Cavanaugh's serves the medical community of WVU's Health Sciences Campus. With WVU's own Firsthand Coffee, Saikou Sushi, snacks, sandwiches, and more, Cavanaugh's offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options.

Mrs. Elsie Elizabeth Cavanaugh was an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and beloved member of the WVU medical school community. She served students and staff from the first day that the West Virginia Medical Center opened in 1960, managing a snack bar and opening the cafeteria soon afterward. Famous for her "IOU" jar and overwhelming generosity to financially struggling students, Mrs. Cavanaugh remains an important memory for many alumni since her retirement in 1972. When the current Cavanaugh's was opened in 2007, it was named in her honor. 

Cavanaugh's accepts Dining Plans, Dining Dollars, Mountie Bounty, credit, debit, and cash.


(304) 293-9643

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