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Kosher and Halal Campus Dining

WVU Dining offers residential and retail Kosher and Halal menu options

WVU Dining is committed to providing to all student, faculty and staff’s needs, as well as respecting their dietary restrictions and guidelines. JACS and Café Evansdale offer  Halal and Kosher meal options daily. Café Evansdale menu choices will be made-to-order. Students must request the meal in advance by stopping by the dining hall or calling the Café Evansdale kitchen at 304-293-5127. WVU Dining will be offering Halal and Kosher selections at Summit Café and Boreman Bistro is the near future. We recognize the need for these dining choices to be available at West Virginia University and endorse WVU’s mission to uphold a campus of inclusivity.

Weekly meal schedules may change due to holidays and university recess schedules.

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