For students with a food allergy or intolerance purchasing Dining Plans at WVU, Dining Services will gladly make every effort to accommodate their dietary needs with a variety of fresh and nutritious alternatives.

Dining Services has outlined the following policies for students with allergies to ensure a healthy and safe dining experience during their time at WVU:

  • Students with allergies will be served a variety of nutritious and balanced dishes.
  • Students with allergies will have equal access to allergen-free dining at all five of WVU’s Dining Halls.
  • All Dining Services staff, full time and part time (including student workers) must be trained to handle and prepare food for students with allergies. This training is routinely updated to ensure compliance and safety standards are met at all times for all of our customers with food allergies.
  • Our on-staff dietitian will meet with every student individually to ensure their unique allergy needs have been documented and shared with our kitchen managers. Our on-staff dietitian will also work with the student to create an all-encompassing plan to dining on campus, including daily meals, snacking, and a balanced diet.
  • Students with allergies using a Dining Plan will receive an equal value dining experience as students without allergies. Therefore, no discounts or reimbursements for Dining Plans will be offered.

To aid our efforts in this process, and to gain access to these benefits, we request that students with allergies take the following measures:
1) Contact our Dietitian, Cami McMillen-Haught, using the form on the right, by phone at 304.293.4053, or by email at, to schedule a one-on-one meeting.
2) Provide a doctor’s note outlining the your allergies.
Failure to do these two things relieves Dining Services of any responsibility or liability related to any allergy-related injury or illness incurred by the student while dining in our facilities.

At this time, we have found this personal approach for students with food allergies to be the best way to ensure students receive a variety of nutritious and fresh dishes. Our chefs make sure that students with allergies receive the same quality dining experience as their peers. Feel free to contact our on-staff dietitian Cami McMillen with any questions regarding our policies or procedures on this subject.

Thank-You notes from parents regarding our allergy services:

“My family and I have been so amazed and pleased at how our son’s food allergies have been addressed by everyone we’ve talked to. We can’t thank you all enough and are satisfied with the help and communication WVU Dining Services have provided us as we get acclimated to his new home and settings. Honestly, it is with everyone’s help that I was finally able to sleep last night because I know that he is in good hands.” 
~2011 Mountaineer Parent

“Thank you soo soo much!! My daughter actually called me today and said she had the best steak and potatoes for lunch today! I really appreciate all that you have done for her!!” 
~2010 Mountaineer Parent

“I want to thank you for all the care, concern, and preparation you have done for [my daughter] and other Gluten Free students. We were so very impressed with all the products you had in your pantry. My daughter says she is being well fed. Thank you so very much! 
~2013 Mountaineer Parent