Spring '19 Dining Plans now available at MyMountaineerCard.wvu.edu!

Dining Plan purchases, changes, and refills may be made at  MyMountaineerCard.wvu.edu. All changes are immediately processed. Works best from a desktop computer. Students enrolling in the Spring of 2019 can visit our special Incoming Students page.

Purchase & Change Dates

  • Fall '18 refills and dining plan renewals are available through end of semester.
  • 3:00 pm, Tuesday, January 15, 2019: Deadline for changing Spring Dining Plan
  • Friday, March 15, 2019: Spring Dining Plan Refills may be purchased. 
  • Because Dining Plan refills are offered at a discounted rate, if a Dining Plan is completely used prior to the refill date availability, a second full plan may be purchased instead of a refill.

Other Notes

  • Any change made to a residential student's fall dining plan will carry over to the student's spring dining plan selection.
  • A non-residential student's dining plan may not be cancelled. It may be lowered to the smallest plan, the Upper Class Express, but it may not be cancelled.
  • Non-residential students will need to purchase a dining plan every semester. Visit MyMountaineerCard.wvu.edu to sign up.

For a full list of campus dining policies, see our terms of service.