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Use your Dining Dollars by Friday, May 7 before they expire. Dining halls will be open on Saturday, May 8 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. during move-out. New hours of operation for summer are coming soon.

Catering Offerings

Before deciding to have your meeting or event catered, make sure it meets the current West Virginia social gathering requirements and CDC guidelines. WVU Catering is currently offering these types of services in light of COVID-19. If you have questions, please call 304-293-0462.

Continental Breakfast

We currently offer three types of buffet stations for a minimum of 25 guests.

  • VIP Buffet – Self-serve buffet with full china and one attendant for five hours. This option is considered high-risk due to slow lines as a result of time spent choosing food, and employee exposure to potential virus shed while bussing, transporting and washing dishes.
  • Standard Buffet – Self-serve buffet with disposable dishware and flatware with one attendant for five hours. This option is considered medium-risk as food is disbursed on plastic wear and disposed of by guest, however, this method still permits guests to choose what they eat causing longer lines and higher potential for virus shed.
  • Pre-Packaged Standard Buffet – Food is portioned into sealed containers ahead of time and available as a grab-and-go option. This option is considered low-risk due to fast moving lines and minimal employee contact with dirty dishes.

Market Street Deli Lunch Buffet

This deli sandwich lunch buffet requires at least one attendant to be booked for every 25 people in attendance, or two depending on the length of your event. Before booking, you will be provided explanation of types of services and the associated risk level.

Dinner Buffet

All buffets include sneeze guards. Venues will be responsible for taping down 6 feet markers for appropriate social distancing.

Preset Served Meals

If you are having a meeting for eight people or less and your guests enter and get seated immediately, you are eligible to choose this option. Meals can be prepackaged in disposable trays or presented on china, and will be available for your guests when they arrive.

Served Plated Meals

This service style combines table side service with banquet catering to prevent risk of virus shed to guests and employees. Meals are served without any pre-set food, beverages or condiments. These items are served in an organized, synchronized manner once all guests have been seated.

Salt and pepper shakers, bulk creamers and sugar caddies will not be available due to the high-tough volume that comes with those items. Instead, each item will be dispensed as needed. Beverages will be bottled unless a beverage station is requested. We set up that station behind the scenes and take orders per table.

One server per three tables of six guests is recommended. If you have more guests and more tables, you must book more servers to guarantee speed of service.

Cocktail Parties

Passed hors d'oeuvres, beverage stations and bars are handled with great care. Hors d'oeuvres are served pre-plated in the kitchen and handed out behind a sneeze guard. Beverage stations are managed by one attendant per 50 guests and all beverages are served in disposable cups.

Bars are managed by two bartenders per 50 guests. One bartender handles payment while the other serves alcohol. This keeps the main bar operations contactless and prevents virus spread.