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WVU Dining Services is committed to providing a safe dining experience for our students, faculty and staff as they return to campus. Learn about some of the additional safety measures we will be implementing this fall in response to COVID-19.

Catering Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines to ensure your event runs smoothly!

Important Deadlines

One Week Prior to Event: 
Notice for small meetings, receptions, or refreshment breaks.

Two-Three Weeks Prior to Event: 
Notice for events requiring menu selection, such as luncheons and dinners.

One Month Prior to Event: 
Notice for unusually large events, those requiring custom menu planning, or those events requiring complex details. Orders placed more than one month prior to the event will receive a ten-percent discount from published prices.

Late Fees: 
To avoid a $50 Late Booking/Cancellation Fee, please make sure to book your event or cancel your event at least 72 business hours before your event will begin. To avoid a $25 Late Change Fee, please make all of your changes at least 72 business hours before your event. Making these changes and orders at least 72 business hours in advance will help ensure a successful event by affording us adequate time to properly prepare and present your event.

Following these guidelines will help ensure the availability of your desired menu.

Room Reservations

Your room reservation and arrangements for tables and chairs (room set-up/delivery) must be made separately with either Physical Plant or the appropriate facility prior to booking your event.


An estimated number of guests must be provided at the time of your booking. The final guest count (guarantee) must be submitted at least 72 business hours prior to the event. If attendance is equal to or less than the guarantee, you will be billed for the guarantee. If attendance exceeds the guarantee, you will be billed for the actual attendance. If no guarantee is submitted, the original estimate becomes   the guarantee.

Culinary Creations guarantees sufficient quantities of food and table settings to accommodate the guarantee plus five percent or a maximum of ten guests above the guarantee, whichever is less. All events with hot and/or perishable foods displayed will remain open for a maximum of 2 hours. At the events end, all food and beverages will remain the property of WVU Dining Services.

Event prices in this guide are based on our required minimum of 20 guests. If you wish to book a smaller event, additional costs may be added to your total depending on the individual menu and/or circumstances.

Food Allergies & Special Diets

Culinary Creations Caterings is happy to accommodate any guests with special diet needs. It is of supreme importance that our team is fully prepared to serve safe, allergen free dishes to guests whose conditions may cause illness or even death. To guarantee a safe and delicious dining experience for guests, the event coordinator is responsible for ensuring the following:
  1. Please provide Culinary Creations Catering any unique dietary needs 72 hours prior to the event start time. This includes vegetarian, vegan, food allergies, religious diets, or any other unique dietary need.
  2. Be aware and communicate to guests as needed that nut products are used in our kitchens, though we are able to prepare allergen free food in a separate, sterile environment with 72 hours prior notice.
  3. For events that do not provide Culinary Creations Catering with this information 72 hours in advance of the event, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a safe and healthy accommodation to guests with unique diets.

Event Cancellations

Event cancellations must be received in writing at least 72 business hours prior to the event. If you cancel after this deadline has passed, you will be billed for your guaranteed number of guests.

Rain Locations

A rain location must be secured for any outdoor events. The catering manager working with your event will determine if the event will need to be moved due to inclement weather.

Staffing Information

Additional service staff will be subject to a charge of $15/hour per server for a minimum of four consecutive hours, which will include prep, set up, service, and clean up times. An on site Chef is $60/hour.


Those wishing to serve alcohol, as a supplement to a catered event, must seek authorization from Robin Yorty, Exec. Director and Chief Protocol Officer, University Events, (304) 293-8023, or before the event is scheduled. After you have received the required authorization, you are required to purchase all alcohol independently and provide Culinary Creations with written notice of your intent.

Pricing Disclaimer

Due to market fluctuations, we reserve the right to change prices at our discretion.

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