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Coffee Shops

WVU's coffee shops offer a full line of coffee beverages, including espresso service. Guests can find our coffee shops in the campus's three major libraries: Downtown, Evansdale, and Health Science.

WVU Dining Services is pleased to partner with WVU's own Firsthand Coop to provide guests with ethically grown, freshly roasted, delicious coffee.

A product of Nicaragua, Firsthand Coffee is bought and traded directly from farmers, cutting out some of the "middle man" expenses and putting the savings back in the farmer's pockets. Roasted in nearby Washington PA by 19 Coffee Company, the beans arrive on campus at peak flavor every Friday morning. The partnership is facilitated by WVU Fairtrade 2.0, a student group committed to economic justice through developing partnership model economies. Click the links above to learn more about our partnerships with FirstHand and 19 Coffee.

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