Healthy "U" was developed by WVU Dining to help students make healthy choices.

"This is the best educational nutrition program I have ever seen because it includes all the basic elements, a 2000 calorie daily menu, nutrition information through posters and hall meetings, and one-on-one dietary counseling." 

Paul Fairbrook,  Former Dean of the Culinary Institute of America

Our Healthy "U" Program consists of four parts:

Making a Plan: One on One consultations with our staff dietitian to help interested individual students meet their nutritional goals. Visit our Nutrition Counseling page to sign up!

Wellness Stations: Each of our Dining Center has a wellness station with information about healthy campus dining. Topics include portion control, alcohol and health, eating disorders, and "How to Avoid the Freshman 15." The USDA "My Plate" recommendations are also posted, as well as calorie information for beverages.

Education To-Go: Healthy "U" brings takes its important nutrition and lifestyle lessons outside of WVU Dining outlets. Through partnerships with residence life, WellWVU, the student rec center, and WVU's Human Nutrition & Foods programs, all students have the opportunity to achieve their health and diet goals.

Daily Diet: Our chefs provide healthy options at our five all-you-care-to-eat Dining Centers. Every Dining Center has a Healthy “U” certified dish available daily for lunch and dinner. Each Healthy “U” dish is made with the following nutritional guidelines, taking into account sodium, saturated fats, and calorie counts: 

For Main Course Dishes
  • <500 Calories per serving 
  • Max 35% Calories from Fat
  • Max 10% Calories from Saturated Fats
  • 0% Trans Fats
  • <600mg Sodium per serving  

  • For Side Dishes
  • <225 Calories per serving
  • Max 10% Calories from Saturated Fats
  • <360mg Sodium per serving  

  • For Soups
  • <170 Calories per 6oz
  • Max 35% Calories from Fat
  • Max 10% Calories from Saturated Fats
  • 0% Trans Fats
  • <450mg Sodium per serving