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Student Dining Plan FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about dining plans and our answers. If you have additional questions, please contact

FAQs: Dining plans for students living on campus

Where can I use my meals?
Students with a Go plan can use their meals at any of the residential dining halls: Café Evansdale, Summit Café, Boreman Bistro and Hatfields. Students on the Go 13 or Go 10 plans can also redeem their meals at Park Place (at University Park’s Oakland Hall).

If I have a Go 13 or Go 10 plan, do my meals roll over to the next week if I don’t use them?
Unused meals don’t roll over from week to week, so be sure to use them each week, Saturday morning through Friday evening. Your meals will be refilled on Saturday mornings.

What happens if I run out of meals on the Go 13 or Go 10 plans?
Dining Dollars are included in your Go plan and can be used to purchase meals at any of the residential dining halls if you have used all your meals allotted for the week. Dining Dollars may also be used in any of WVU Dining’s restaurant-style locations if you wish to purchase meals in those locations to supplement your weekly allotment.

If I purchased the Go Anytime plan, is there a limit to how many times I can enter the residential dining halls?
There are no daily or weekly limits. Go for breakfast, pop in for a snack between classes, have lunch and dinner … and maybe head back for an evening dessert. The only restriction is that you must wait 15 minutes between WVU ID card swipes.

If I have a Go 13 or Go 10 plan, is there a limit on the number of meals I may use per day?
There is no daily limit. Depending on the plan you choose, you can use up to 10 or 13 meals per day.

If I live in a WVU residence hall, which plans are available for me to purchase?
Students living in a WVU residence hall may purchase any of the Go plans. Students who do not select a dining plan by June 30 will be automatically signed up for the Go 13 plan and will have the opportunity to change their dining plan up until September 3. Other dining plans (Prime and Dining Dollars) are only available to students living off campus.

Can I check the menu at the residential dining halls before I go?
Absolutely! Weekly menus are posted with the residential dining hall locations and on the menus section of the WVU Dining Services website. You can also download the Bite app on your mobile phone to view each location’s menus.

What is considered “retail dining?”  
These include the restaurants at the Mountainlair (except for Hatfields), Evansdale Crossing and The Market at Health Sciences Center, campus coffee shops (Jazzmans, Cavanaugh’s, da Vinci’s, Eliza’s and Park Place) and campus quick-service locations (Bits & Bytes, Brew ‘n Gold Café, The Greenhouse, Lyon’s Den, Summit Grab ‘n Go and Waterfront Café).

Can I change my plan for the spring semester?
When you select your plan, it will be for both fall and spring semesters. You may upgrade or downgrade to a dining plan with a greater or lesser number of meals and Dining Dollars (for example from Go 10 to Go 13, or from Go 13 to Go 10). You have until January 20, 2020 to upgrade or downgrade your dining plan.

FAQs: Dining plans for students living off campus

Can I refill a Prime plan?
If you use all the meal swipes included in your Prime dining plan, you may purchase meal swipe refills. Refills for Prime plans are available in blocks of 20, 48 or 75 meal swipes, or a plan can be refilled in full. Dining Dollars are always refillable.

Can I purchase a Go plan?
Yes, students living off-campus may purchase Go Anytime, Go 13 or Go 10 dining plan.

Where can I use my meal swipes?
Off-campus students with a Prime dining plan may use meal swipes in residential dining halls or to purchase a meal at one of WVU Dining’s on-campus retail locations.

FAQs: General

Can I get my meal to-go at the residential dining halls?
Yes, all the residential dining halls offer a takeout option.

Where can I use Dining Dollars?
Dining Dollars can be used at any WVU Dining on-campus dining location. You can use Dining Dollars for a meal at a residential dining location, to purchase food from a retail restaurant location or food and drink at a grab-and-go location and/or coffee shop.

Do my Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring?
Dining Dollars will roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester, but they will not roll beyond the spring semester.

Can I change my plan?
Yes. Students have from now until January 20 at 3 p.m. make any necessary changes by contacting Dining Services directly at 304-293-3166 or No changes may be made to meal plan selections after January 20 at 3 p.m. Note that changes to plans will also cause a change in billing so students should be sure to review their student account after making any changes.

When can I start using my dining plan?
This year, students can begin using their Spring 2020 dining plan on January 9.

How do I use my meal plan?
Using your WVU ID card, you can swipe at any WVU Dining location. A WVU ID card swipe works for meal swipes, Dining Dollars and Mountie Bounty.

What is a “swipe?"
Anytime you eat a WVU Dining facility, you can use your WVU ID card to take advantage of meal swipes, Dining Dollars and/or Mountie Bounty. A meal swipe includes one meal at a WVU residence hall dining facility (there is no price per item cost). A “swipe” of the WVU ID card utilizing Dining Dollars and/or Mountie Bounty will charge the exact price of a dining purchase.

What is Mountie Bounty?
This is a pre-paid debit plan that can be used at every dining location and at any many other businesses on and off campus like CVS, IHOP, McDonalds, Panera Bread, Sheetz, and more. You can add funds to Mountie Bounty via credit card payment. Balances carry forward to the next semester, and refunds can be requested upon graduation. Mountie Bounty can be refilled at any time at

If a restaurant accepts a meal swipe, Dining Dollar or Mountie Bounty, how do you know which to use?
Unless otherwise requested by ID holder, dollars will be deducted in the following order: meal swipes, then Dining Dollars and then Mountie Bounty. If you want a certain purchase to be taken out of a specific area, please let us know at the point of sale.

If I have leftover meal swipes in a week, can I use a swipe for friend?
No, we do not allow that. However, you can use Dining Dollars or Mountie Bounty in this type of a situation. The best thing to do is to choose the meal plan that aligns most closely with your diet to not allow for many extra meals at the end of the designated period.

Why can't I use my social security number or student ID number?
For security reasons, WVU Dining needs to swipe your WVU ID cards. Accepting verbally shared number-passwords like a student ID number would create an easy opportunity for dining plan theft. Using photo identification via the WVU ID card is the safest way to ensure your dining plan swipes are secure throughout the semester. 

Why can't I let a guest use my meal card?
Guests are welcome to dine and use a cardholder's Dining Dollars as long as the cardholder is present to swipe their meal card. In the past, stolen or found ID cards have been used to access WVU Dining outlets, resulting in stolen dining plan swipes, Dining Dollars and Mountie Bounty. As a security concern, WVU IDs will be confiscated and returned to their original owner if another person tries using them to gain entry to a WVU Dining outlet. 

Am I required to purchase a dining plan?
Students living in WVU operated residence halls are required to purchase an on-campus dining plan. Students living off campus are not required to purchase a plan, but more than 2,200 students that move off campus each year choose to purchase WVU dining plans.

Who develops WVU Dining Services' menus?
Dining Services managers, our Executive Chef and our staff dietitian, Cami McMillen-Haught , review all of our products and recipes to ensure that we provide a wide variety of quality choices.

How can I check my dining plan or Dining Dollar balance?
Your Dining Dollars balance, as well as your remaining dining plan swipes, may be reviewed at Also, whenever you make a purchase, the remaining balance will appear at the bottom of your sales receipt. 

In what order will dollars be deducted from my Mountaineer ID card?
Unless otherwise requested by ID holder, dollars will be deducted in the following order: meal swipes, then Dining Dollars and then Mountie Bounty.

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Mountie Bounty?
The money you deposit into your Mountie Bounty account can be used at all WVU Dining Services locations, as well as other participating vendors on campus, such as WVU Bookstore, Jazzmans, Evansdale Crossing, etc. Dining Dollars are specific to WVU Dining locations. Mountie Bounty funds carry over each semester. Dining Dollars will carry over from the fall to the spring semester but will not roll over beyond that.

Can I work WVU Dining Services?
Yes, WVU Dining Services hires hundreds of students each year. Whether you're looking for extra cash, work experience, friendships, food or fun, our jobs are some of the best student positions available on campus. We offer flexible hours to fit your busy schedule and competitive pay with the possibility of advancement. No experience is necessary. For more information, visit our  student employment page or call 304-293-3166.

How many weeks are in each semester and how many meals does that?
There are 16 weeks in each semester and approximately 300 meals are served. 

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