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Am I required to purchase a dining plan?

Students living in WVU operated residence halls are required to purchase a Resident Student Dining Plan as an integral part of WVU’s nationally recognized resident life experience. Students living off campus are not required to purchase a plan, but nearly 2000 students that move off campus each year choose to purchase WVU dining plans. Convenience, service, low cost and high quality are some of the reasons cited. Call (304)293-3166, or visit our non-resident dining plans page for more details.

May I change my dining plan once the semester has started?

Changes to your Dining Plans are welcome at the beginning of each semester. See the Change Your Plan section of the website for more information, including hard deadlines for making changes. Note: All changes made to your dining plan during the fall semester will be effective for the Spring Semester as well (for example, a Mountaineer Plan changed to a Select Fifteen plan during the fall will continue to show as a Select Fifteen plan in the spring).

Do unused meals from my dining plan carry over to the next semester?

Dining Plan costs are based on food costs, wages and other expenses incurred during the current semester, therefore unused meals do not carry over to the following semester.

Why can’t I let a guest use my meal card?

Guests are welcome to dine as long as the card holder is present to swipe the card. In the past, stolen or found ID cards have been used to access WVU Dining outlet, resulting in stolen Dining Plan Swipes, Dining Dollars, and Mountie Bounty. As a security concern, student IDs will be confiscated and returned to their original owner if another person tries using them to gain entry to a WVU Dining outlet.

Why can't I use my social security or student ID number?

For security reasons, WVU Dining Services needs to swipe your Mountaineer ID card. Accepting verbally-shared number passwords like a student ID number would create an easy opportunity for dining plan theft. Using photo identification via the Mountaineer ID card is the safest way to ensure your dining plan swipes are secure throughout the semester.

What are Dining Dollars and where can I use them?

Dining Dollars are "flex-spending money" that come with every Dining Plan. Use your Dining Dollars to purchase a snack or beverage instead of using a whole dining plan swipe. Dining Dollars give you the flexibility to eat at any of our locations, including the Mountainlair during lunch hours. All funds in the Dining Dollars program are accepted at any WVU Dining Services location. Click here for a complete list of locations that accept Dining Dollars.

What happens if I have Dining Dollars left over at the end of the semester?

Because Dining Dollars are part of your dining plan, the balance does not transfer over to the next semester and funds are non-refundable. However, they are good for any purchase at any Dining Services location during the semester they are issued. Be sure to spend them during the semester!

Why can’t I get a take out box from Café Evansdale?

While some of our dining rooms have a “grab ‘n go” concept, each dining room has their own procedure. The Brew n’ Gold Café, located on the Evansdale Campus, is the available option for students who choose to “grab ‘n go” at Café Evansdale. The Brew n’ Gold provides students with an upscale menu selection, and offers Starbucks coffee and a variety of Coca Cola products with every meal. The individual procedures have been developed in order to assure that all students are provided with the most efficient quality service available and to minimize confusion and waiting time.

Which Dining Rooms are open on the weekends?

Boreman Bistro, Summit Café and Café Evansdale are open Saturday and Sunday. Click here for more information on dining locations and hours of operation.

Why isn’t there a place to eat in the Law school?

Dining Services is always looking for new opportunities to make our products and services more convenient for our student customers. Bits and Bytes, located in the Engineering Building, is one example of a request Dining Services has fulfilled. The Law School has not requested that we expand our operations to that location.

Where do the products come from that Dining Services use in their meals?

Dining Services uses many well known brand name food items for every meal. Products from Ben & Jerry’s, Campbell’s, General Mills, Healthy Choice, Heinz, Hershey’s, Hormel, Jimmy Dean, Kellogg’s, Nestle, O’reida, Pillsbury, Post, Sara Lee, Stouffers, and Starbucks provide quality products and a variety of choices for a healthy, balanced diet every day.

We're also working with local vendors to source items from our own community, including produce, eggs, and dairy, and during growing season, we're currently at a 13% local produce buy. We've also gotten support from the student body to help source WVU's own Firsthand Coffee brand.

Who develops Dining Services menus?

Dining Services managers, our Executive Chef and our staff dietitian, Cami Haught, review all of our products and recipes to insure that we provide you with a wide variety of quality choices.

How can I check my Dining Plan or Dining Dollar balance?

Your Dining Dollars balance, as well as your remaining Dining Plan swipes, may also be reviewed at Also, whenever you make a purchase, the remaining balance will appear at the bottom of your sales receipt.

In what order will dollars be deducted from my mountaineer card?

Students may have their Dining Plan and more than one category of debit dollars on their mountaineer card. Unless otherwise requested by you, dollars will be deducted in the following order: Dining Plan, Dining Dollars, and Mountie Bounty.

What is the difference between Mountie Bounty and Dining Dollars?

The money you deposit into your Mountie Bounty account can be used at all WVU Dining Service locations as well as other participating vendors on campus, such as the WVU Bookstore, J.A.C.S, Javas, etc. Dining Dollars are specific only to WVU Dining locations. Mountie Bounty funds also carry over to the spring semester if not used in the fall. Dining Dollars do not carry over to the spring semester.

What day starts a new week of meals for each Dining Plan?

With the Mountaineer and Select 15 Dining Plans, a new week begins each Saturday morning and ends the following Friday night. Meals do not carry over from week to week with these plans.

Can I work for Dining Services?

YES! WVU Dining Services hires hundreds of students each year. Whether you’re looking for extra cash, work experience, friendship, food, or fun, our jobs are some of the best student positions available on campus. We offer flexible hours to fit your busy schedule and good pay with the possibility of advancement. No experience is necessary. For more information, visit our student employment page, or call (304) 293-3166.

How many weeks are in each semester and how many meals does that equal?

There are 16 weeks in each semester and approximately 300 meals are served.

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